Bitting the Moon

Me, You and Books: April 9, 2012
“An insightful memoir of a woman’s struggle to combine motherhood with a professional and personal life of her own.” Marilyn Brady at “Me, You, and Books”
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The Feminist Texican [Reads]: March 23, 2012
“I think single mothers and working mothers will especially appreciate this book. Frye eloquently writes about her uneasy journey, and her experiences will undoubtedly resonate with readers going through so many of these common struggles.” Melissa at “The Feminist Texican Reads”
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Her Circle Ezine: February 29, 2012
“In Biting the Moon: A Memoir of Motherhood and Feminism (Syracuse University Press, 2012), Joanne S. Frye struggles with issues of divorce, single motherhood, and the value of meaningful work. In her Prologue, Frye articulates that this is a 'story of pain and guilt, but also of joy, small pleasures, felt accomplishments, survival, and love' (xv). Her memoir encompasses all of these, as promised, and yet it does so much more in addressing the hungers that so many women have beyond motherhood and marriage." Marina DelVecchio in "Her Circle: a magazine of women's creative arts and activism"
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